Mining Hosting

When purchasing your own mining equipment, should you think about where to start them? In Coinpods we offer you a complete solution to cover this need. From advice, supply and logistics in the purchase of mining equipment, to the rental of spaces in our specialized data centers..

We have several hosting options in regulated jurisdictions where maintenance and energy costs are aggressive. Our experience, technology and dedicated operations team make mining a long-term profitable business.

Mining equipment hosting is a standardized and proven solution, recommended for small and medium investors that start in this business.

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Mobile Data Center

Since 2015, we have built mobile data centers (containers) specifically designed to house and maintain mining equipment. This technology allows to host both ASIC and GPU miners. They can be configured internally with different options of electrical infrastructure and cooling, adapted to the climatic conditions and energy consumption in each locality.

The standard product (Mega-Pod) is a completely autonomous and mobile data processing center "plug n play". Which can be purchased in three standard configurations of size and power. Its installation is simple, a crane truck deposits it in the right place and with a low voltage electrical connection to a transformer and mining is ready to start..

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Mobile Data Center
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Renewable Energy Companies

Bitcoin mining is good for renewables and the network. The benefits it brings to the growth of the sector are important.

In Coinpods we offer renewable companies a different approach to the business, a secondary way to make better use of their assets and at the same time make the MWh better.

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